Do you accept my insurance ?

We accept most insurances,including MVA and Workmen’s Compensation. Please contact our office with specific questions about your insurance plan.

What do I need to bring for the appointment ?

If you are coming to our office for the first time you have to bring some form of ID (driver’s license, government or school issued ID), your health insurance card and if you have old medical records such as MRI films, lab reports, etc.

Will I have to pay co-pay ?

Yes, but that depends of your insurance plan policy. Usually you can find this information on your insurance card or policy. We accept all major credit cards, checks or cash.

What happens after your appointment ?

After your appointment you may be referred to complete certain tests, labs, take prescribed medications or see a different physician for more evaluation. You will also be scheduled for a follow up appointment.

How do I get my refills ?

Prescriptions are usually sent directly to the pharmacy. Please have your pharmacy location ready when you call for a refill. We ask that you call us for refill at least three days before you need medicine so that it can be called in on time.

Can I get my medical records ?

Medical records are available upon request. In the state of New Jersey, there is no fee if records are requested for other physicians or a medical facility. Patient’s individual requests are charged $1/page. The first 10 pages are $10.

Will you call me with my results ?

If some of your results requires immediate attention, you will be called to be advised how best to address those results. On the other hand, all your results will be discussed with you during your follow up appointment. If you wish to receive your results sooner, please call our office to let us know.

Can I call you with questions ?

If you have additional questions or concerns, they can be addressed by phone during week after 5 PM. You can leave a message for our staff or on our answering service. However if you feel that the matter is urgent, it is best to go the nearest Emergency Room.