Visual Disturbances & Tinnitus

Visual disturbances are usually manifestations of ocular of the central nervous system disorder. Blurry vision, double vision,loss of vision, lack of color vision are some of manifestations of such disorders. Although ophthalmologists evaluate and treat ocular disorder, sometimes neurological evaluation may be required to establish a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Many neurological disorders can cause visual symptoms from common migraines to multiple sclerosis, cerebrovascular disease, infections,inflammations and many others. A neurological examination, Imaging, laboratory studies, visual evoked potentials are part of diagnostic evaluation. Referral to a neuro-ophthalmologist is sometimes necessary.

Tinnitus, frequently described as a buzzing in the ear(s), noises, humming sounds may occur as a result of otological disorder, but also as a disorder of hearing nerve or central nervous system disorder. These include aging, inflammation, circulatory disorders, but also imay occur as a result of cerebrovascular insult, multiple sclerosis or tumors. Neurological evaluation may include examination, imaging, doppler, auditory evoked responses and laboratory studies.

Referral to an ENT specialist or neuro-otologist is sometimes necessary.