Traumatic Brain Disorders

Traumatic brain injuries are frequent medical problems mostly among a younger population. However everybody can sustain traumatic bran injury during a motor vehicle accident, work related accidents, falls or other type of injuries.

Recent advances in scientific understanding of this condition have raised the public awareness of necessity of urgent neurological evaluation of the injured patient.

Concussion is the result of the disturbances of the nervous system caused by physical force and brain motion in the skull. As a result, loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, memory or balance disorders may ensue.

Contusion is however defined as presence of damage or bleeding in the brain and it may require surgical intervention.

Sometimes these type of injuries may lead to full recovery, but also to partial or serious neurological deficits.

Evaluation may include imaging studies, balance and cognitive evaluations. Referral to balance, occupational or cognitive restoration therapy is usually part of the treatment.