Memory Disorders

Memory disorders are frequently reported by patients or family members in a neurology clinic. They can be manifestations of aging, but also many neurological conditions. Although memory is just one of many cognitive symptoms, it is usually how a patient feels it. Sometimes lack of attention or difficulty finding words is perceived by patient as a memory problem.

Neurological evaluation usually involves neuro-cognitive testing, laboratory, imaging or EEG testing to establish a correct diagnosis. A referral to a neuropsychologist or psychiatrist may be also necessary.

From simple lack of vitamins, hormonal imbalance to infections, inborn anomalies to neuro-degenerative diseases. Identifying the cause of memory problems and addressing it properly at the onset of such symptoms may save a lot of time and missed treatments.

Imaging of the brain may help but not always reveal the answer to the cause of memory or other cognitive deficits.That also includes advanced technologies such as MRI, CT or PET scans. Putting all information together with your neurologist is the best way to correctly diagnosis and decide on a treatment plan.